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PHUKET Wild Tame Uncut Island where they  |

PHUKET; Wild, Tame, Uncut; Island where they ...

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May 10, 2011
It was great the island Leonardo DeCaprio made famous in the movie 'The Beach' It was not the savage and isolated island it once was....however one can still see the beauty... ...
i met a parrot |

i met a parrot

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September 05, 2010
on my vacation, i met a couple of lovely parrots at a bikini store. they were named pip and pop, and they were pretty squawky. and by that i mean excellent.
TheBassTimes-Summer Fishin in West Palm  |

TheBassTimes-Summer Fishin in (West Palm ...

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June 02, 2010
this is the beginning of my summer fishin serious expect a vid every week or 2!!!' this is an interactive vid!! COMPETION: north florida bass VS south florida bass SUBSRIBE to ...
Why Dogs Rule The Beach  |

Why Dogs Rule The Beach!

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June 05, 2009
Some people think cats are clever. Some people think cats are cute. But dog owners know that when the chips are down a dog remains loyal and will actually give its life to save yours. This tribute ...
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