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The Green Hornet |

The Green Hornet

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July 08, 2010
Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), son and heir to Los Angeles' largest newspaper fortune, is a rich, spoiled playboy who has been happy to maintain a direction-less existence. When his father ...
My One and Only 2009  |

My One and Only (2009)

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August 10, 2009
Beautiful, mercurial Ann Devereaux (Rene Zellweger) has just left her philandering husband Dan (Kevin Bacon), a society bandleader, and taken to the road with her teenage sons, George (Logan ...
50 First Dates 2004  |

50 First Dates (2004)

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June 29, 2009
Henry Roth (Sandler) is a veterinarian living in Hawaii who enjoys the company of vacationing women. He leaves the playboy life behind after he falls for Lucy (Barrymore), who suffers from ...
Are We There Yet  |

Are We There Yet?

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June 23, 2009
The fledgling romance between Nick, a playboy bachelor, and Suzanne, a divorced mother of two, is threatened by a particularly harrowing New Year’s Eve. When Suzanne's work keeps her in ...
Vanilla Sky |

Vanilla Sky

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June 22, 2009
During the week he turns 33, NYC magazine publisher David Aames, a playboy who has strange dreams, spends a night of passion with Julie, a friend he sometimes sleeps with, and a night with Sofia, ...
Catch and Release 2006  |

Catch and Release (2006)

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June 22, 2009
After the sudden death of her fiancé, Gray Wheeler finds comfort in the company of his friends: lighthearted and comic Sam, hyper-responsible Dennis, and, oddly enough, his old childhood buddy ...
Up at the Villa |

Up at the Villa

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June 22, 2009
Over a handful of days in 1938, a penniless English widow, on vacation near Florence, considers the marriage proposal of an aging British aristocrat who is the newly-appointed governor of Bengal, ...
A Good Woman |

A Good Woman

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June 19, 2009
In 1930, Mrs. Erlynne, who describes herself as poor and infamous, driven from New York society by jealous wives, sees a news photo of wealthy Lord Windermere and his young wife: she heads for ...
An Affair to Remember |

An Affair to Remember

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June 14, 2009
Nicky Ferrante is an international, European playboy setting forth on a cruise ship headed for New York to meet his wealthy fiancée. Terry McKay, a former night-club singer, is sailing to New ...
Airport 1970  |

Airport (1970)

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June 07, 2009
Arthur Haley’s bestselling novel brought to the screen. A midwestern U.S. hub airport struggles to remain open despite the worst snowstorm in 25 years, angry homeowners from a nearby housing ...
Dark Streets 2008  |

Dark Streets (2008)

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April 09, 2009
When a nave playboy investigates the shadowy death of his wealthy father, his charmed life as the eligible owner of the city’s hottest nightclub begins to spiral out of control. A noir fever ...
Something s Gotta Give 2003  |

Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

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April 09, 2009
Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is a perennial playboy with a libido much younger than his years.
The House Bunny 2008  |

The House Bunny (2008)

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April 09, 2009
When Shelly, a Playboy bunny, is tossed out of the mansion, she has nowhere to go until she falls in with the sorority girls from Zeta Alpha Zeta. The members of the sorority - who also have got ...
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