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The Joys Of Mac - Automating Repetitive Tasks  |

The Joys Of Mac - Automating Repetitive Tasks!

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October 31, 2010
Watch the Introduction of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger starting here to see how innovative Apple were at this time, compared to now, when they appear to be resting on their laurels. At ...
nerf paintball gun |

nerf/paintball gun

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August 25, 2010
this is a cheepy nerf paintball gun my aunty gave me i have 2 but this is only 1. i cleaned it and yet to do some barrel work/ paintball part removal.
Looking into your soul |

Looking into your soul

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June 09, 2010
I looked into your soul, and what I found, I didn’t like... ... I mean, it wasn't bad. Just a little boring. Not really worth the money I spent on looking into your soul. I'd ...
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